Diesel's unique style has been bringing vision and imagination to wedding photography in Toronto for over 15 years.

I passionately design your photo and cinema to be a one of a kind creative experience. Every beautifully crafted album we produce tells a story filled with glamorous and edgy magazine-style shots and spontaneous, candid moments frozen in time. We supply award winning photographers and filmmakers that are fun and comfortable to work with.


As the owner and creative director of Diesel I strive to make every Wedding the best possible result for my clients.

A bit about myself.

My love for photography began early in life. As a young teenager I bought my first camera with money from my paper route at the age of fourteen. From then on I was hooked. With the support and encouragement of my family I enrolled in art school then completed a degree in photography. From there I set out as a commercial photographer shooting for various high profile clients such as Rolex and General Motors. My passion for editorial and fashion photography brought me opportunities to shoot for many of Canada's leading publications such as Elle, Chatelaine, Lusso and Sposa magazines. This is the style and creative flare that I bring to Diesel. A rich blend of editorial and fashion with a modern approach to wedding photos.

I hope you like our work as much as we like doing it!